The highest elegance, comfort and attention to detail.

The HOFELE S-Class is one of the world’s top luxury sedans. With the generous interior concept, no one has to leave their comfort zone when driving. The proportions of the exterior in conjunction with the interior result in a unique presence on the road. The S-Class is an unsurpassed status symbol. Mercedes calls it “the best car in the world” itself. So why not take the car that is already highly traded and customize your HOFELE S-Class with our premium offerings? Even established Mercedes drivers rave about our HS-Wagon.

Power up to 800 HP/588KW
(L x W x H)
5.18m x 2.10m x 1.5m
Weight 2.095 kg
Gearbox 9G-Tronic


A HOFELE always gives you a good feeling. Our workshop experts as well as designers develop your S-Class exclusively for you. Here, clear structures and rich colors serve to express luxury and evoke emotions. You can be sure of one thing: Your limousine will be a real one-of-a-kind.

Luxury in the proven HOFELE style.

We are sure that you will be the eye-catcher on every street. Put yourself in the spotlight and underline your status with the unique HS-Wagon – the limousine in a class of its own.

Generous comfort in unique elegance.

The sedan offers inherently generous proportions in the body. However, we do not see HOFELE as a mere addition, but rather we make use of the basic equipment to further exceed the familiar comfort.


To make sure you sit in first class when driving, HOFELE takes the generous comfort of the Mercedes S-Class to a new level with more luxury and uniqueness. Our interior design is holistically thought out and knows no boundaries. Our interior design is holistically thought out and knows no boundaries.

Classic leather meets state-of-the-art interior.

Typical Hofele: Refinement means progress – also in terms of interior. Convince yourself of our interior furnishings which combine with modern colors and established fabrics to create an overall picture that leaves nothing to be desired.

Driving experience with (HS) class.

Our comfort features are impressive from the driver’s seat to the rear and ensure a driving experience in a class of its own. The HOFELE claim, which has lasted for decades, is aesthetics and grandeur, which are unmistakably brought together in the HS-Wagon.

The HOFELE Wheels.

Our colleagues in the HOFELE Manufaktur work with the demand for a maximum of uniqueness and individualization. With passion and attention to detail, we create special moments for our customers.

HOFELE to the Wheels.

We can proudly say that our Wheels always blend elegantly into the overall appearance of your HS-Class. Whether with ten spokes or in matte black – you don’t have to do without anything when it comes to rim selection at HOFELE. We refine your car as a total product, so that your dreams are fulfilled holistically with one of our products.

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