Luxury SUV that combines power and grace.


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The HOFELE GLS is the longest SUV from Mercedes and shines in our portfolio with its harmonious combination of sedan and SUV. Additional space for HOFELE model always means disproportionate comfort – comfort that you can share with many other passengers. The fascinating driving experience in the HGLS is defined by generous proportions that emphasize power and presence on the road. The HGLS achieves elegance and lightness through its impressive exterior design, which is characterized by clear surfaces and reduced lines. Your demands must know no bounds at HGLS.

Power up to 800 HP/588KW
(L x W x H)
5,24m x 2,15m x 1,78m
Weight 2.630 kg
Gearbox AMG Speedshift 9G


A HOFELE is always the best choice. Our products are always individual, exclusive productions, created by our experts in workshop and design. We proudly claim that we enhance every car body – be it through clear structures or rich colors. Your sense of living the ultimate luxury is our purpose.

Power meets grace.

The HGLS is unique in design. In typical HOFELE fashion, we surpass this uniqueness with additional customizations. With us, you are already in the driver’s seat before you buy and put together your exclusive products. Together we pursue your goal – an exclusive status symbol that underlines your character.

Clear shapes in unique elegance.

The GLS-Wagon already combines harmonious proportions in the base and thus creates an unmistakable overall image in the exterior.


HOFELE also means not being satisfied with mediocrity. We work tirelessly to refine our interior concepts to define ourselves as a premium brand. Aesthetics, grandeur and luxury are the most important goals in our pursuit of the unique HOFELE feeling.

The top of space and comfort.

Impressive design on the outside, great value on the inside – that’s your HGLS. See for yourself the comfort of the HOFELE SUV, where we deliberately use the strengths of the GLS to create a unique driving experience.

The ultimate in automotive luxury.

This is how HOFELE defines itself. With us you will always reach a new level of luxury and uniqueness. The interior design follows the highest level of attention to detail, clear structures and modern colors.

A HOFELE from head to toe.

Our rims are a real eye-catcher for your HOFELE GLS. At HOFELE, no wish remains unfulfilled – we refine your car in its entirety. To this end, we offer a wide selection of rims so that your HGLS meets the standards of luxury and grandeur you expect.

The HOFELE rims.

At HOFELE Manufaktur, our colleagues work tirelessly and with the highest standards. Our goal is nothing less than to be the holistic premium provider and to consolidate our position in the top class.

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