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We are particularly proud of the HGLE-Wagon. Hardly any other car combines elegance with impressive technical details like the HOFELE GLE SUV. The generous free space, revolutionary cockpit and comfortable leather upholstery create a special feel-good zone. In the GLE SUV, you’ll feel right at home wherever you go. A home that reflects the dynamics of the road in its design, so that the HGLE presents itself sporty and stylish everywhere. Now it’s up to you. Be ready for your grand entrance.

Power up to 800 HP/588KW
(L x W x H)
4,95m x 2,15m x 1,7m
Weight 2,420 kg
Gearbox AMG 9G Speedshift


A HOFELE always plays in the first league. All our car wagons have in common that they are exclusively produced without exception. Our experts will work out your design wishes. So you get a not only new, but a high-class car made with attention to detail, which is an eye-catcher everywhere. With us you will experience the luxury you have always dreamed of.

A car with character

The HOFELE GLE SUV shines with uniqueness. We refine the sporty exterior design with harmonious colors and components. For you we create an unattainable exclusivity in shape and color. Are you ready for your personal status symbol? Configure your individual and high-quality HOFELE GLE.

With elegance and power - the holistic HOFELE approach.

As with all HOFELE wagons, the HOFELE principle also applies to the HGLE: Premium offers ranging from rims and paintwork to structural modifications are included in our services. Following our own claim, we are sure that you will not find a comparable provider with a holistic premium concept.


Those who drive HOFELE do not want to make any compromises. Therefore, our team will work with you on the design concepts and provide first-class products. In doing so, our brand attributes of aesthetics, grandeur and luxury are at the forefront of creating that unique HOFELE feeling.

Experience the enhancement of premium comfort

With the HGLE, we are painting a new picture of an SUV. The sophisticated design on the outside is complemented by an effective comfort concept on the inside. The strengths of the GLE-Wagon are used sensibly to create exclusive driving experiences.

World-class luxury.

This is the HOFELE drive. Follow your intuition and enter a new level of luxury. We always fulfill all dreams of our customers with innovative design concepts characterized by clear structures and modern colors.

Our rims, a real eye-catcher.

For the HOFELE GLE-Wagon, it makes sense to include matching rims to complement the impressive appearance of the coupe. Here, no wish remains unfulfilled and we promise you: Your HGLE makes no compromises when it comes to luxury and grandeur.

The HOFELE rims.

Being an employee at HOFELE means working tirelessly on premium offerings with the highest standards. This is how we manage together to position the HOFELE brand in the top class.

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