HOFELE Automobiles.

HOFELE Design GmbH is a contractual partner of Mercedes-Benz AG for the enhancement and individualisation of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. From its headquarters in Sindelfingen, Germany, HOFELE designs, manufactures and crafts a range of exclusive products and services for Mercedes-Benz owners who desire to own a bespoke automobile.

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HOFELE models.

Sophisticated designs, Luxurious appointments, enhances dynamics – what drives you to be different?

Our services.

A bespoke automobile by HOFELE is more than just a car. It is an expression of your style, a statement of luxury. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and designers create exterior and interior enhancements that will transform the world’s finest automobiles in to a unique expression of your lifestyle.

Vehicle refinement

What ever your chosen model of Mercedes-Benz, HOFELE offers an extensive range of
enhancement possibilities that will make your HOFELE automobile stand out and above the rest. The latest technologies combine with traditional craftmanship skills to achieve the highest levels of luxury and sophistication.

Your wish, our project

At HOFELE we receive a clients brief of what they want to achieve in the design of their special automobile, we work with the client on all aspects of the design and build, colours, textures, materials and finishes which all combine to complete a project that the client envisioned.

Leather manufactory

HOFELE’s in-house saddlery and leather master are responsible for some of the finest
bespoke automobile interiors created. The latest hi-tech leather automated machines
combined with many years of traditional craftsmanship shape and stitch the finest hides.

Carbon manufactory

As HOFELE’s in-house Carbon manufactory continues to increase its capacity HOFELE is
now at the cutting edge of the design and implementation of carbon parts for both aesthetic and technical parts.


Bespoke mixed colours, two-tone, matt / satin / gloss – an unlimited choice of exterior paint finishes. The choice of HOFELE unique paint finishes of the highest quality is often the starting point when designing a special automobile.

Vehicle preparation

At HOFELE our team will take care of your vehicle’s maintenance, whether it be a small upgrade, a simple service or a full restoration. We make sure your Mercedes-Benz by HOFELE will maintain its value and quality for years to come.


By way of careful enhancement and management of the performance enhancements can be easily achieved. Extensive increases in performance can be gained by professional upgrades of mechanical components, subject to regulations of use.

Our craft.
Manufacture for special production.

A HOFELE is more than just a car. HOFELE is an expression of luxury, style and craftsmanship. That’s why our team of highly skilled designers and craftsmen design each HOFELE with the utmost attention to detail. We use only the very best to create vehicles that impress with both their performance and their design. Whether you’re looking for an elegant sedan, a sporty SUV or a unique custom build, HOFELE has the perfect vehicle for you.

Power & Style.

Nothing compares to the edgy style of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class – HOFELE
enhances this design language to the extreme.

HOFELE wheels.

A full range of in-house designed Forged Alloy wheels – here the 23” Turbine, unmistakably

An experience unrivalled.

Mercedes-Benz ergonomics with HOFELE signature details.

Attention to detail.

A hallmark of HOFELE: elegant interiors, highest quality materials.

Exclusive - Made in Germany.

Over 35 skilled craftsmen and women at HOFELE with only one goal: to create the highest degree of uniqueness and individualization – Driven by passion.

The brand’s distinctive style is characterized by its sublime beauty, supreme aesthetics as well as grace. Thus, the special is staged for a sublime moment.

The HOFELE Story.

Founded in 1983, HOFELE-Design GmbH started its automotive journey.

Traditions that endure.

To date, HOFELE Design has passed through many milestones that have made the company what it is to this day.

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