The new, exclusive body kit for the G-Class.

HOFELE vehicles.

HOFELE is a luxury car brand, with a global dealer network and presence in numerous countries. From its headquarters in Germany, HOFELE designs and manufactures as a Mercedes-Benz contract partner, a range of exclusive products for discerning customers. The portfolio includes customized interiors as well as refinements and special conversions based on high-class Mercedes-Benz models. Whether it’s creating unique bodies or designing luxurious finishes, HOFELE offers the ultimate in style and sophistication.

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HOFELE models.

Whether luxurious and powerful or classy and dynamic.
Our models leave no dreams unfulfilled.

Our services.

A HOFELE is more than just a car. A work of art with sensual clarity as an expression of ultimate luxury. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and designers will make this exclusively for you. Their goal: to create clear shapes and smooth surfaces that stage high-tech and evoke emotions.

Vehicle refinement

From GLE to GLS – refined vehicles from HOFELE are the result of our optimized craftsmanship. We produce technology to amaze, sophisticated engineering and work according to individual wishes, so that every HOFELE is unique in its class.

Your wish, our project

Our customers report: The dream of owning a car matures over months and in the end is the product of much thought and inspiration. Therefore, our greatest goal is to make this dream come true. Your wishes and ideas are our top priority.

Leather Manufacture

First-hand references. In our workshop we build vehicles from A to Z. This also includes the upholstery of the interior by hand. In our saddlery at the Sindelfingen site, we create comfort for body and mind.

Carbon manufactory

Carbon is characterized by high stability, lightness and temperature resistance. Features that we would not want to miss on the track. Our carbon manufactory at the Sindelfingen site opens up a new driving experience that you will never want to do without again.


Unique paint finishes are created in our in-house paint shop. No matter what wish you have in mind, our specialists will see to it that your vehicle finally gets the look you want, and in the very highest quality.

Vehicle preparation

At HOFELE, we take time for your vehicle. With professional vehicle reconditioning, our team will take care of your vehicle’s maintenance so that you can continue to drive with the consistent quality of a HOFELE for many years to come.

Performance improvement

The engine performance of our HOFELE vehicles has been tuned down to the smallest detail by our automotive professionals. The result: almost infinite power that can be seamlessly transferred to the road.

Our craft.
Manufacture for special production.

A HOFELE is more than just a car. HOFELE is an expression of luxury, style and craftsmanship. That’s why our team of highly skilled designers and craftsmen design each HOFELE with the utmost attention to detail. We use only the very best to create vehicles that impress with both their performance and their design. Whether you’re looking for an elegant sedan, a sporty SUV or a unique custom build, HOFELE has the perfect vehicle for you.

Horsepower packed in a noble shell.

There is no more modern and luxurious way to embody our design language: breathtaking proportions and a luxurious exterior make the HOFELE HG 63 the ultimate experience.

HOFELE rims attract attention.

HOFELE vehicles are unique in their design. The unmistakable look of the rims radiates stylish luxury under any HOFELE vehicle.

A driving experience that is unrivaled

Typical Hofele: In the interior, exclusive materials and premium quality accents testify to the highest value and thus underscore the ultimate luxury.

Attention to detail in the interior

A hallmark of HOFELE: elegant interiors, and the use of high-quality materials.

Exclusive and 100% Made in Germany.

In the HOFELE manufactory, a total of 35 hands work with only one goal: to create the highest degree of uniqueness and individualization. With a lot of tact, passion and passion.

Bringing ultimate luxury to life.

The brand’s distinctive style is characterized by its sublime beauty, supreme aesthetics as well as grace. Thus, the special is staged for a sublime moment.

The Hofele Story.

Founded in 1983, HOFELE Design entered the world of automobility with the ambition to redefine luxury.

Traditions that endure.

To date, HOFELE Design has passed through many milestones that have made the company what it is to this day.

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